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AMIGArama Podcast Episode 105: All good things…

It is time to say a fond farewell in this final episode. It’s been a wild ride and I hope you can spare a few minutes to listen to why it’s time for the show to end…

A handy link for a brilliant supporter (yes I pronounced it wrong but I had a lot on my mind!) Rhyader Computers

All of our amazing Patreons, some have been with us since the start of the show and have very active podcasts and Youtube channels of their own. So please go and offer some support

For everyone else.. So long and thanks for all the fish!

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  1. Josef P
    Josef P October 21, 2019

    So sad ? But fully understandable.
    I will miss this show, the highlight of my bike commute home when a new episode came out. Then again, i didn’t support the show using Patreon, sorry for that 🙁
    Good luck with your future endeavors.

    • Lorfarius
      Lorfarius October 21, 2019

      Don’t worry about it, listening was always more than enough! Just happy to hear you’ve enjoyed it for as long as you did, always great to know people enjoyed the shows.

  2. Arron
    Arron October 22, 2019

    I really enjoyed your podcasts. The reviews are critical while enjoyable. Your voice always reminded me of Ringo Star’s narration of Thomas The Tank Engine! Such a nice accent for a critique! All the best.

    • Lorfarius
      Lorfarius October 23, 2019

      Thank you, happy to know people really enjoyed the show. Thanks for listening!

  3. Wibblefish
    Wibblefish October 25, 2019

    Sorry to hear this is ending so suddenly, it was great! I get it though, I leave for work at 5:45am in the morning and get home at night at 7:15pm so I know the struggle of finding time for YouTube! It’s surprising how much time goes into making even a short video. I hope you continue to post stuff occasionally though.

    • Lorfarius
      Lorfarius October 26, 2019

      Sadly real life got in the way but I’ve had so much fun producing the show, good to hear people enjoyed it. I’m still around on the Lorfarius youtube channel so keep an eye out there for anything new!

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