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AMIGArama Episode 37: Amiga CD32 Special

AMIGArama takes a deep dive into the CD32 this week, with a close look at the console, it’s history and the available games. Yes it’s our first system special!

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  1. Richard legge
    Richard legge July 10, 2018

    Great podcast, i remember getting the Cd32 console from Dixons that came with microcosm. Blew me away and would have been better than Oscar/Diggers as a debut launch pack.
    David Pleasance of Commodore being aghast that they launched this for Xmas market instead of following summer without decent support may have been right ethically, but I think had they held on to this without money comming in, commodore may have been broke before launching this delightful console. Commodore couldn’t gamble on being dependant on sales of A1200 alone, it appears.

    • Lorfarius
      Lorfarius July 11, 2018

      It’s a real shame they didn’t have the cash or promote it properly. So many problems right from the off.

  2. James Zeun
    James Zeun July 12, 2018

    I’m on holiday, was great to sit down and listen to my new favourite podcast!

    • Lorfarius
      Lorfarius July 12, 2018

      Hope this week helped with it being a bumper episode!

      • James
        James July 18, 2018

        It really did, one thing I discovered about the CD32 recently was the selection of rare games I’d never seen before. Are there any plans to cover more CD32 games?

        BTW as someone who bought the FMV module when it came out. I want to point out that for the time, it was miles better then the VHS tapes we were using. Go to remember we didn’t have DVD or BlueRay, it would be years before that arrived. I remember the first time I paused a VCD and saw a none jittery, freezed frame. On the right TV, it looked freaking amazing.

        • Lorfarius
          Lorfarius July 18, 2018

          Yeah the FMV was impressive for the time but as a medium compared to say laserdisc it was pretty poor quality. Though most of my experience of them comes from the Philips CDi.

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