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AMIGArama Episode 36: Stunt Car Racer

Buckle up for the ride of Lorfarius’ life as he clambers into the AMIGArama Stunt Car and takes on the death-defying tracks in this 3D stunt simulator!

AMIGOS Amigathon
WORTHY by Pixel Glass

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  1. Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards July 1, 2018

    Thourughly enjoyed the podcast. Will definitely check out more. It bought back many nostalgic memories for me, as I remember this well on my Amiga 500. I remember lotus turbo 2 had the serial link to connect to Amigas. Never did this at the time. Stunt car racer I’d a classic

    • Lorfarius
      Lorfarius July 1, 2018

      Surprisingly we have made it to 36 episodes and still lots more to come. New episode every Sunday so make sure to check back 🙂

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