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AMIGArama Episode 35: Banshee

Lorfarius takes on the flying hordes in this apocalyptic shooter but who will survive to the end? Listen to this weeks episode to find out more!


For more information on the SWAG event go to or search for “The South West Amiga Group” on Facebook.

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  1. Pshemsky
    Pshemsky June 27, 2018

    16:38 hahaha… Lorfarius, You just made my day with this one 😀
    Episode 35 already! Damn, time just flying like crazy. You sound relaxed and much more confiden from one episode to another. Great work Lorfarius, keep up this way!

    • Lorfarius
      Lorfarius June 28, 2018

      Thank you! Been a long journey but pleased with how things are going, def getting better!

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